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It is said that French is the language of love and it is also known as a Romance language. Although being the language of love and being termed as a Romance language have no connection between each other. Romantic and romance both the words are the linguistic terms of the word Roman which means “nothing more exciting than”.

Although French is the official language of France, more than 220 million people speak in this language all over the globe. It is expected that the number of French-speaking people will touch 550 million in 2025 and 650 million in 2050.

The languages French and English have many similarities, and this is because French, being a Romance language has Germanic influence and English being a German language has Latin and French influence. The grammar and vocabulary of French and other Romance languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian are very much similar. Besides this, knowing French has many advantages in the professional field. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the global job market. Join our French classes and courses in Nahur, Bhandup, Mulund and nearby areas in Mumbai.

French classes and courses in Nahur

Why Need Training to Learn French?

While it is much appreciated that there are several online tools available these days to learn a foreign language, it is pertinent to note that these cannot replace physical/ online classes with an actual teacher. Our extremely qualified and experienced staff of French trainers impart the best quality education required to succeed not just in the international exams but also in actual life.

French classes and courses Nahur

Our Professional French Language Courses Covers:

  • Training for all the professional levels from A1 upto C2 as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) pattern.
  • Internal exams after each level.
  • Certification based on internal exams.
  • Training for international exams conducted by Alliance Française.
  • Model tests to prepare for international exams.
  • All aspects of the language i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing covered.
  • Additional focus on speaking and listening aspects.
  • Comprehensive and well-researched study material.

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Preparation for international exams


Reading, Listening, Speaking & writing covered


Study material as per internationally accepted CEFR pattern

Flexibility and
tailormade courses

The courses are tailor made as per need and are flexibility is offered

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